Friday 7 December 2018

Try the new List View in Aspire

Aspire Reading Lists has been upgraded, introducing some changes to the way that reading lists look when you view them in Aspire.

There will be no change to Aspire reading lists as they appear in Blackboard modules except for  IMLA Distance Learners who will see the changes described here.

Staff who log in to edit lists in Aspire can change any list back to the previous layout by clicking Exit Beta for a limited period.

Viewing lists: improvements
  • Book jacket images are included in list items
  • Click on a title to expand list item information  
  • View your list / list sections in a citation style of your choice
  • You can click View: All to filter list items by Essential or Further reading, reading intentions and study notes.
Viewing lists: changes
  • Use the globe shortcut to toggle between Welsh and English
  • If you use the View: All button to filter Physical or Online Resources: the information you see may incorrectly infer that something isn't available in a particular format when it is (depending on how items have been added to Aspire, or how they are co-catalogued in Primo)
  • To find a direct link to an item: click the 3-dot action menu to the right of the item and click Share item
Staff editing lists: changes
  • The Publish button no longer appears in the Edit menu; click Edit > Edit (Classic) to find the Publish button on the right of the page
  • Find the Edit button in the middle or right of the page, rather than on the left 
  • The Dashboard button is now in the View & Export menu and it is called Analytics
Subject librarians are happy to demonstrate the new List View features - please contact them directly or email / phone 1896 with any questions you have or to arrange a visit.