Thursday 14 April 2011

'Welcome to your Library 2010' wins an award

For September 2010 Information Services redesigned the library induction experience for undergraduates. We wanted students' first experiences of the library to be informative but also enjoyable and engaging, so we re-thought every aspect of the induction: location, content, marketing, timetabling, technologies, even seating - hence the famous beanbags! As a result we won the 'Highly Commended' award in the Welsh Marketing Innovation Awards (Higher Education category) for our 'Welcome to your Library 2010' sessions, most of which took place on the 27th-30th September, 10am-5pm each day.

The judge said:
"first class campaign – all the elements were thought through and a strategy established based on target audience and needs and good measurements were established in order to assess the success of the effort. The concept of changing a visitor’s perception of the library was well executed and clearly well received and enjoyed. The use of bean bags to make the audience think differently of the service and to make impact for the IS induction was well executed. The use of the ‘custom’ film within this event was also good... the film is replicable throughout the sector as an illustration of ‘best’ practice."
Our trophy goes with the one we won last year, and both will be regularly polished.

Some of the staff involved in planning the induction, from left to right: Elgan Davies, Sahm Nikoi, Lillian Stevenson (holding the award!), Anita Saycell, Karl Drinkwater.

This was the storage room prior to moving the beanbags to Level F

A presentation in progress

Finally, here is a selection of quotes from the students' feedback forms used at induction.

“I really liked the bean bags. The video was amusing, a casual refreshing change”

“Enjoyable as it was short and snappy”

“I enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere and nice attitude of the staff”

“Lovely attitude towards students. Short tight and clear session with a lot of useful information. The small groups of listeners made it all easier for me to take in all the information”

“The beanbags are amazing”

“I like the videos and picture slides, much better than just talking and reading from a screen, very informative, covered pretty much all we needed to know”

“I will love to have beanbags all the time for reading or relaxing”

"The beanbags are really comfy and makes it easy to chat to people."

"Relaxing on the beanbags, music, friendliness, didn’t drag on."

"Beanbags are a great idea"

"The library seems like a very well organised and pleasant place to be and quite progressive"

"Interactive, good mix of visuals and lectures"

"The session covered all that you need to know in a relaxed and friendly way. Staff are all very helpful."

"It was run in a friendly and informal manner with good contact with the public, equipping students with the necessary experience to use the library"

"The beanbags should be purchased for a relaxed reading zone."

"The humour and presentation made it easier to follow. Very detailed film) explanation of frequently asked questions"

"Keep the beanbags"

"Lots of useful information communicated in a relaxed session. Not too much information. I like the emphasis on where to find more help."

"Love it"

"Beanbags are excellent."

"I think the information services staff are really helpful and informative. They are great. Please keep it up."


Mick Carragher said...

Hi Karl

Congratulations on your award. It would be interesting to see your induction video. Is it available online?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mick,
Thanks! And yes, the video can be viewed on our YouTube channel at (English) and (Welsh).
Best wishes, Karl