Wednesday 20 July 2011

Birth of modern China in massive online archive

8,000 rare photographs of Chinese life in the early twentieth century have just launched online through the Visualising China project, a unique virtual archive giving researchers new opportunities to explore and interact with images of China taken between 1850-1950.

The site offers researchers free open access to major online collections such as Historical Photographs of China (University of Bristol), the Sir Robert Hart Collection (Queen’s University, Belfast) and Joseph Needham’s Photographs of Wartime China (Needham Research Institute, Cambridge), as well as to previously unseen and private collections and a selected Google Books library of China-related publications.

Researchers may submit comments or annotations to the image entries, organise images on to their own workbenches, download low-resolution images, and explore the collections by word searches, date ranges, photographer, people depicted, maps and classification terms.

Access it here.

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