Friday 22 January 2016

Jisc Historical Texts: new features

We’re pleased to announce several new features have been released in Jisc Historical Texts in December to help you find and filter your resources:

Matches within text
Once you’ve searched your topic, and found a publication ‘Matches within text’ will feature in the information. If you click this, it will display your search term in context on matching pages within the publication

New filters in viewer
Once you’ve found the publication and click to view it, you can search it more thoroughly by using the filters shown below, which are found in the ‘Pages’ tab of the ‘Search’ panel.

My Tags
To create and save tags on individual pages within a publication to return to later, go into the Details panel and click Tags. Then enter a title for the Tag and click Add Tag. You could leave yourself notes, references or key words to help you.

To get to your saved tags quickly, go to the top of the page and click My Texts and then select My Tags.

Date Range
Once you’ve searched a topic, you are also shown a date range, showing the years around which your search results centre

Default collection searches
You can now choose to only search EEBO, ECCO, or BL by default by selection options in the settings.

First go to Settings 

Then go to the Collections option and select which collection you want to search by default. If you want to reset the search terms to search all of the collections simply

click Reset. 

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