Monday 9 May 2016

Refresh/create your Aspire Reading Lists – new deadline for Semester 1

This is an early reminder to refresh your existing Aspire lists and create any new lists needed for the coming academic year.

The deadline for modules taught in Semester 1 (or taught over both semesters) is: July 31st (a month later than last year)

The deadline for distance learning modules is: June 30th

FYI the Semester 2 deadline remains at November 30th.

Remember: you must add a note for library saying “Please digitise” for any chapter or article that needs digitising, even if has been digitised in the past, or they will not be digitised for 2016-2017. Then re-publish your Aspire list.

New: if your Aspire list has not been (re)published at any time in the 52 weeks prior to the deadline, any digitisations for that list will not be processed for 2016-2017.

New: if your module does not need a reading list e.g. a placement year, you can indicate this in Astra. This will ensure it is not counted when Information Services collates statistics about departmental usage of Aspire.

New: How to manage an Aspire list if the module code is changing

If you have created a draft list in Aspire and you can’t link it to the hierarchy, or you would like some Aspire training or a refresher, or you have a question about this blog: please contact the Academic Engagement librarians: 01970621896

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