Wednesday, 4 January 2017

New resource IBISWorld – Now Available!

Aberystwyth University has recently purchased IBISWorld

IBISWorld provides industry data for over 400 UK industries with an easy to use search and user friendly reports.

This resource is useful for anyone;

Preparing for interview/job success – find out more about the industry sector the company is operating, competitors, major players and gain a better understanding of the workings of that industry.

Research for assignments/dissertation – IBISWorld provides all the information needed to help understand the operating conditions, and long term outlook of major and niche industries.

Industry Statistics – each industry report provides data and analysis on each industry, explained with clear graphs and data charts. The data charts can easily be exported into Excel and the data is great for SWOT, PESTLE and Porter’s Five Forces analysis.

Each industry report provides;

Detailed performance data and analysis on the market
Supply chain information
Operating strengths and weaknesses
External drivers
Major player market strategies
Industry profit
Cost structure benchmarks

Access IBISWorld online at (no password needed if accessing from the University network).

Video tutorials can be found here:

If accessing IBISWorld away from campus connect via the University VPN:

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