Wednesday 2 December 2009

Password security when using e-journals or e-books

Please ensure that you do not use your Aberystwyth University (email) login and password on the websites of e-journals, e-books and other AU electronic resources. You should only use these on a website or dialogue box that is in the domain e.g. Instructions for accessing e-journals etc off-campus are given in the ‘Authentication’ note in E-journals @ Aber or via the ‘i’ button in eLibrary.

Please access these via Voyager or the ElecInfo gateway. For further help, email

Take care when you use your Aberystwyth University username or email address on the web

If using your Aberystwyth University username or email address on a web page that does not have an address, you must use a different password.

If you don’t your computer account will lock to help protect you from

- phishing attempts – what is phishing?
- use of your username and password by others

If your computer account does lock, or if you have any questions, please contact Advisory.

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