Monday 17 May 2010

Critical review: printed journals for withdrawal and planning collection moves

Information Services is continuing to review access to existing printed journal collections. Staff and students increasingly use electronic resources over the print equivalent and demand on space in the Hugh Owen Library is increasing as it begins to service a growing number of departments relocated to the Penglais Campus.

This requires a critical review of existing library collections and the next phase is to consider withdrawing the print versions of arts, humanities and social sciences journals available electronically on JSTOR under the UKRR scheme.

Please see the list of all arts, humanities and social sciences JSTOR journals here.

We are also in the early stages of planning moves for library collections as a result of the University’s Estates Strategy . This is work in progress but it is envisaged that:
  • we review collections housed at Gogerddan library this summer 2010
  • the active science collections will be concentrated in the Hugh Owen Library and research reserve science collections will be housed at Thomas Parry Library from summer 2011
  • in practice this means that around 8,000 science books in the Hugh Owen Library which have not been borrowed for 6 years will be moved to the Thomas Parry Library and around 7,500 science books in the Thomas Parry Library which have been borrowed in the last 6 years will be moved to the Hugh Owen Library
These issues are being raised at all Faculty meetings on May 19th and we are also happy to meet with individual Departments. Please contact your subject librarian if you would like to arrange a meeting.
Lillian Stevenson, Academic Services Manager

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