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Open Access Week 2013

OPEN ACCESS WEEK – 21/27 October 2013

In association with Open Access Week, we would like to highlight CADAIR, Aberystwyth University’s own open access window to AU staff and student research, giving access to peer-reviewed papers not hidden behind a subscription wall.

Today Cadair is populated with articles through AU’s research management system PURE which sends articles appropriate for Open Access to Cadair once any embargo periods have passed.  From the CADAIR start page, staff papers can be searched using author names or keywords, or browsed by Department/Communities or by more specific subject collections.

The major exception to this are the AU theses, for which the records and associated files are loaded directly to CADAIR.  Thesis records are gathered together in the CADAIR Postgraduate Publications collection but can also be found in the relevant departmental collections. 

Most major academic publishers (e.g. CUP, OUP, Wiley, Elsevier, Sage) will now allow either gold open access publishing or green open access depositing of papers in their journals. Gold open access papers are funded for by authors paying “Article Processing Charges”, otherwise known as APCs in advance of publication, allowing all readers to read the paper on the publisher’s website with no subscription charges.  Major journals therefore often now contain both open-access papers (open-to-all) and standard papers which are open only to subscribers or subscribing institutions. Aberystwyth University has received some APC funding for gold open access publishing from the HE Funding Councils.  If you wish to make enquiries about using these funds to support your research papers being published on “gold open access”, please contact

Some publishers specialise completely in gold open-access journals which have no subscription prices.  Major peer-reviewed open-access “gold” publishers in which AU authors have published include:

Public Library of Science  - seven major titles across biology and medicine
Hindawi – open access titles in all academic disciplines
J-STAGE Humanities -  arts and social sciences journals from Japan
Ubiquity Press – specialist arts and humanities gold publisher 
Biomed Central – a wide range of journals in medicine and genetics
Frontiers – all biosciences, including neurology

External “green” open access papers are freely posted on university and other institutional repositories without any APC charges being paid.  Quite often, deposit of papers is restricted to preprint or postprint (author-accepted) versions of articles, and/or deposit in green open access repositories can be embargoed by publishers for anything from 6-24 months to protect income.

Most individual universities now maintain their own local repositories of their staff papers and theses, such as AU’s CADAIR repository, but green open-access repositories can also be searched in large groupings at:

CORE – Connecting UK Repositories 
UK Institutional Repository Search Demonstrator  
DRIVER European Repository Search Portal
SHERPA UK Repository Search

Specialist subject repositories include the following:

Arts & Humanities Commons -  
Latin-American Open Archives Portal - 
Social Science Open Access Repository: 
Pandektis – Greek History & Civilisation -

Listings of Open access journals of all descriptions, both green and gold, can be found at:  Directory of Open Access Journals
International listings of green open access repositories can be found on the OpenDOAR website.

To check whether any particular journal might allow you to deposit your papers within a green open access repository within your funders open access requirements, connect to the Sherpa Romeo website.  Funders specific requirements can be checked at the Sherpa Juliet site.

If you require any further details, please contact the Open Access Team at: .
For AU thesis deposit enquiries, please send an e-mail to: .

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