Wednesday 16 October 2013

e-books via ebrary

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E-books are proving to be an excellent and practical alternative to paper books, allowing greater access on and off campus to vital study materials 24 hours a day.  Ebrary is a fantastic new resource for students of all disciplines.  Paper is close to the heart of many, but ebrary makes it easy to access, use and annotate e-books and will win over many who previously avoided them.
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As part of their ongoing strategy to build collections Aberystwyth University libraries have invested in a one-year subscription to ebrary, adding 84,000 titles to the previous e-book holdings.  The ebrary collection includes not only electronic versions of books already on the shelf, but also a wide selection of items previously unavailable.
A friendly and intuitive interface allows you to easily search for an e-book and save it to your own bookshelf.  Reading the e-book is simple; you can navigate effortlessly via the table of contents, or jump to a page number, and there is also keyword search function. An excellent annotation tool allows you to highlight, bookmark and make comments which can be easily referred back to via a handy Notes tab.

screen shot of ebrary book resultE-books can be accessed directly from Primo whenever the Online access option appears, so rather than going straight to the shelf, why not sign into Primo and try the e-version?  Click View Online and Open source in new window (or Link to e-book if displayed).  You can print or download up to 60 pages of a title, guidance on how to access and print these e-books can be found at  Alternatively you can also access e-books from the platform directly at or via the Databases A-Z menu in Primo.

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