Tuesday 30 September 2014

ARMS: read-only from Monday 13th October 2014

The ARMS reading list service will now go read-only from Monday 13th October - a little earlier than previously advertised.
Reading lists for Semester Two and beyond can be added to Aspire Reading Lists.

If you need to keep making changes to a Semester One list, you can save the list content to a text file or Excel spreadsheet.

  • Text file: open your list in ARMS and on the left click Print List. In your browser, choose Save As or Save Page and choose the file type .txt
  • Excel spreadsheet: open your list in ARMS and copy the URL. In a new Excel spreadsheet, click Data then From Web and paste the URL into the Address field. Scroll down and click the yellow arrow next to each field you wish to retain, then click Import.

Training for academic and administrative staff will be available in Hugh Owen and Thomas Parry libraries soon, or by arrangement at a place and time convenient to you.
Please feel free to contact the subject librarians with any questions you have: acastaff@aber.ac.uk

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