Friday 14 July 2017

DG Research and Innovation Expert Group on Altmetrics Report

The EC Directorate Research and Innovation's Expert Group on Altmetrics was set up to consider how to advance Article-Level publication metrics (altmetrics) in the context of the open research agenda, to review different altmetrics measures in relation to more established methods of measuring research output, how to remove the current barriers to open research/open science and to recommend infrastructures to help embed open research in academic culture. Their report "Next-Generation Metrics: Responsible metrics and Evaluation for Open Science" recommends that the EC should provide clear guidelines for the responsible use of metrics to support open research in the next Research Framework programme (FP9) that research should be undertaken on the potential for gaming any new altmetrics proposed for FP9 before their introduction.

It also states that the implemetation of open research principles in FP9 should be accompanied by appropriate reward mechanisms, that the vision for the European Open Science Cloud should adopt ORCID as its standard researcher identifier, and that the open research agenda should be taken forward in the EU by a European Forum for Next-Generation Metrics, working with the European Open Science Policy Platform.  (20 March)

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