Tuesday 27 February 2018

What do students think about reading lists at Aber?

One of the Information Services Focus Groups that we conducted this year explored the students’ experience of using Aspire reading lists as part of their studies. Feedback gathered from the students revealed the following:

  • Students would like to see what’s on the reading list before registering for a module.
  • Reading lists should include all the necessary resources for the course and enable the students to build on the knowledge gained in lectures through further reading.
  • Students really liked those lists which were organised with week-by-week sections. 
  • The way the books on the reading lists linked through to Primo was seen as being very useful and the students thought it would be great if this was consistent across all modules.
  • Overly-long lists were sometimes felt to be a bit off-putting. 
  • Whilst the reading list on Blackboard was well liked by students they thought it would be useful if they were introduced to the Aspire system too. The additional features that it provides, particularly the facility to create and export bibliographies, was seen as being really helpful.

Subject librarians will happily assist module co-ordinators in creating or updating their Aspire reading lists. Additionally, librarians are also available to provide quick demonstrations of the Aspire system and its features to students. 

Please contact your subject librarian or the Academic Engagement Team at acastaff@aber.ac.uk or on 01970621896. We're happy to meet at a time and place convenient for you.

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