Wednesday 30 May 2012

Law and Criminology Resource Update

Centre for Crime and Justice Studies
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Searchable database of transcripts of cases available to us at no cost for academic purposes only. Automatic access on-campus but separate login and password required off-campus (send an email to to obtain the username and password, stating your full name, AU login, and your course module number).

New resources:
Journal of Criminal Law 2004-
Police Journal 2004-
Health & Social Care Act “The Act is the largest Act of the year so far and is available fully annotated.”

A reminder that the full text of the following books are available:
Archbold Criminal Pleading Evidence & Practice 2012 Ed.
Bullen & Leake & Jacob's Precedents of Pleadings 17th Ed.
CIPA Guide to the Patents Acts 7th Ed.
Copinger and Skone James on Copyright 16th Ed.
Current Sentencing Practice
Getting the Deal Through
Kerly's Law of Trade Marks and Trade Names 15th Ed.
Palmer's Company Law
Redfern & Hunter: Law and Practice of International Commercial Arbitration 5th Ed.
Renton and Brown Criminal Procedure 6th Ed.
Renton and Brown Criminal Procedure Legislation
Terrell on the Law of Patents 17th Ed.
Totty & Moss: Insolvency
White Book 2012
Woodfall: Landlord and Tenant

Lillian Stevenson
Rheolwr Gwasanaethau Academaidd / Llyfrgellydd y Gyfraith
Academic Services Manager / Law Librarian

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