Thursday 21 November 2013

The official opening of the Elystan Morgan Building

A post by Lillian Stevenson, Academic Services Manager and Law Librarian.

Tours of the Thomas Parry Library and displays of rare law books in the University Library as part of the official opening of the Elystan Morgan Building on 20th November 2013

It was wonderful to meet Lord Elystan Morgan, alumni, local solicitors, members of Senate and many others at the official opening of the Elystan Morgan Building, the new home of the Department of Law & Criminology in Llanbadarn.

Bracton De Legibus 1569 - one of the rare law books from the University Library
on display for the official opening ceremony of the Elystan Morgan Building.

It provided an ideal opportunity to show guests the Thomas Parry Library which is adjacent to the Elystan Morgan Building. The Thomas Parry Library houses the law and criminology collections from the former Law Library and has group study rooms, training room, computer room and of course, library and IT help on hand.

It was pleasing to showcase some of the library’s treasures which included:
Bracton De Legibus 1569. Richard Ireland, Legal Historian in the Department of Law & Criminology, described this volume as “A rather beautiful sixteenth-century printing of Bracton’s De Legibus et Consuetudinibus Angliae. This text, originally assembled during the second quarter of the thirteenth century is, put simply, the most important treatise of the emerging common law. The printed version, passed on through a number of hands and annotated, is a fitting tribute to the importance of the treatise.”
Grotius, Hugo: The most excellent Hugo Grotius his three books treating of the rights of war and peace. Translated into English by William Evats Edited by John Nelham and Thomas Whitfield. London: T. Basset; 1682.
Thank you for the invitation and my thanks to library colleagues for their help.

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