Friday 21 August 2015

Meet your Academic Librarian #13

  Hi, my name is Ellie Downes and I’m the Graduate Trainee for 2015-2016. I graduated in July 2015 after a degree in English Literature right here, and have simply refused to leave, having fallen in love with the town, the beach and swimming in the sea.

During my final year I practically lived in the library, and when I wasn’t there I was trying to carry at least half of the contents home with me, so it made sense for me to work here as well. I am a bit of a book hoarder, probably having far more books than I should but I am incapable of throwing or giving any away despite swiftly running out of room. To put in perspective, when I was a child watching Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, the best bit for me was not the iconic dancing scene, but the size of the library.

Outside of work and study, I am a massive Tolkien nerd having first read the Hobbit when I was 7, and carried on through Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion, the Adventures of Tom Bombadil etc. . I’m a keen swimmer; pool, sea, lake, river, I’m not fussy and have continued swimming in the sea until November, when it started getting a little chilly.  During my time as a student I was in a few societies, where fancy dress seemed almost compulsory -explaining the photo below. I’ve had an Incredible time in Aberystwyth and hope to continue.

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