Monday 2 November 2015

Aspire reading lists: changing to digitise on request

When updating Aspire lists for 2016-2017 convenors must add the Note to library "Please digitise" for all the chapters and articles in Aspire reading lists they would like the library to digitise before they republish.

After listening to feedback, this change has been made to ensure that chapters and articles deemed most important for the module by the convenor are digitised in time for teaching. As always, library staff will contact you if they are unable to digitise e.g. for copyright reasons.

Library staff will digitise according to previous guidelines until the Semester Two Aspire lists deadline, 30th November 2015. Information Services do not guarantee that anything added to Semester Two Aspire lists (or to lists for modules taught over both semesters) after November 30th will be available for teaching in Semester Two.

If you are the convenor for a distance learner module or a Semester Three 2015-2016 module, please begin adding your Notes to library to your Aspire reading lists as soon as possible.

Please contact your subject librarian if you have any questions about this.
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