Thursday 20 April 2017

Resource of the Month: Nexis

Nexis is an online full-text database which searches regional, national and global newspapers from over 100 countries, business and industry trade magazines, business news and company information.

• This resource is often used to aid businesses as it provides insights into over 30,000 trusted and invaluable sources of business and news information. These range from global news articles, to company records and additional legal information.

Why the resource is useful for students;

Nexis helps to prepare for job interviews and careers – the database can be used to gain insight over others within the current job market. This is through the ability to monitor and obtain crucial information about specific companies and job sectors.

It can be used to aid research for assignments and dissertations – the vast database allows users to research and reference approved news sources, business statistics and bibliographic references within their work.

• The resource’s varied document types can be used to aid research within a wide range of degree subjects – the main types of accessible documents include;

UK and international news sources
Business and trade publications
Company profiles
Company, country and industry reports
Market insights
Biographical data
International and emerging market sources
US public records
Legal information

Access Nexis from the University network at:

If accessing Nexis away from campus, connect via the University’s VPN:

Nexis training resources including video tutorials and downloadable guides can be found here:

Contact for further information or to arrange a demonstration.

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