Tuesday 30 May 2017

Resource of the Month: European Sources Online

European Sources Online is an extensive online database which forms part of the University’s European Documentation Centre.
It provides access to the latest information on the European Union, including primary and official documentation on policies, institutions and countries.The ESO database also provides access to;·        Thousands of selected EU documents and statistical records
·        EU publications, news articles and website links
·        Bibliographic records to important academic texts and journal articles
·        Unique Information Guides which explore key topics within Europe
·        Information on current and past issues affecting EU citizens

European Sources Online can be accessed from the University network at http://www.europeansources.info/search.jsp
For further information, the European Sources Online’s FAQ page can be found at http://www.europeansources.info/about.jsp
If accessing European Sources Online away from campus, you must connect via the University’s VPN: https://www.aber.ac.uk/en/is/it-services/vpn/

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